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SOMALIA: Renowned Somali historian dies in Djibouti at the age of 91

AW JAAMACDjibouti (RBC) Renowned Somali historian, Aw Jamac Omar Isse has died in the neighboring country of Djibouti at the age of 91, RBC Radio reports.

Aw Jamac Omar Isse has been living in Djibouti since the collapse of Somalia central government in 1991 after the Djibouti government hosted him following the widespread of insecurity in Somalia.

Late Isse was born in 1922 in the northeastern town of Qandala, where his father was born and lived during the colonial era in Somalia.

Mr Isse published his first book on the Somalia modern history in 1965, which was published in Arabic language in the town of Cairo, Egypt.

Many of Aw Isse’s work was in Arabic language due to lack of official Somali Alphabet.

After the official transcript of the Somali Alphabet was written in 1972, Aw Isse begun to transform his publications into Somali language.

According to friends and family members late Aw Jamac Omar Isse has died following growing ailing as his age became older.


RBC Radio

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