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SOMALIA: Galka’yo to re-establish its district council

Maxamed Yuusuf Jaamac (Tigey)Galka’yo (RBC) The central Somalia town of Galkacyo will re-establish its district council once again since the last district council was dissolved by the former President of Puntland a year ago, RBC Radio reports.

According to Mudug governor Mohamed Yusuf Jama Tigey, the city has met major set backs on its development because of lack of elected district council.

Last week Puntland minister said the Galka’yo could no longer participate in the UN funded UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery (JPLG) which funds projects for the cities and towns in Somalia.

“The town of Galka’yo has missed one million dollars of development funds because of lack of elected council for the city” Mr Tigey said during a meeting in Galka’yo.

The Governor has called for the public including elders, politicians and women to help in setting a new mechanism which will facilitate in holding selection process of the city’s district council members.

Normally the members of the district council are selected by the respective clan elders with a formula of clan-based power sharing.


RBC Radio

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