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SOMALIA: Military chief says UN Monitoring Group wants Al Shabab to become an endless project

Gen-IndhaqarsheMogadishu (RBC) Somalia Military Chief Gen Dahir Aden Elmi “Indhaqarshe” has blamed on the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia arms embargo to working for making Somalia’s government and its military nonfunctional and the group wants Al Shabab militant group as an endless project in Somalia, RBC Radio reports.

Responding to last week’s UN Monitoring Group on Somalia which allegedly said that ““Arms for Somalia government were diverted to Al Shabab militias”, Gen Dahir Aden Elmi said that it was totally fabricated false report which lacked any credibility.

“This group are working to feed Al Shabab, because we know Al Shabab does not face any arms shortage, while this terrorist group in Somalia usually wages war on Somalia government using explosive devices and very sophisticated bombs.” Gen Indhaqarshe told state-run radio today.

He said, it was worthy to be questioned where Al Shabab found its weapons saying that “Al Shabab does not get arms from the sky”.

“The UN Monitoring Group want Al Shabab to be and endless project in order to gain funds from the world while they are struggling hard to make Somalia government weak and nonfunctional” Gen Indhaqrshe added.

His comments came days after this week’s UN Monitoring Group submitted to the United Nations Security Council allegedly revealed that arms given to Somalia government were diverted to Al Shabab fighters, a militant group linked to Al Qaeda.  The report came ahead of UN Security Council’s meeting in March to review the one year lifted arms embargo from Somalia which is due to expire in March this year.


RBC Radio

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