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SOMALIA: The body of deceased former Somali Prime Minister flown to Mogadishu

1Mogadishu (RBC) The body of the deceased former Somalia Prime Minister Late Abdirisak Hagi Hussein was flown from Minneapolis where he has passed away in last week to Mogadishu for his burial, Somali government said.

The body of late Hussein was taken from Minneapolis on on Wednesday  on a flight to Istanbul, Turkey in transit to Somalia capital Mogadishu where he will be buried later this week.

Somali government officials are now in Istanbul to receive the body of Late former Prime Minister and to take to Mogadishu.¬† The government’s national committee for the memorial of the former prime minister announced that the official farewell event will start on Friday after the burial service ends.

The body of the honoured firmer Somali prime minister Abdrisak Haji Hussein will be laid to rest in the national cemetery in Mogadishu.

Three days of national mourning will begin officially on Friday as the flag of this nation will be lowered down for memorial of the late rime minister’s death.

Late Haji Hussein has served as the second country’s civilian prime minister between 1964 and 1967 before he handed over the office the election of then president Abdirashi Sharmarke.

Late Abdrisisak has been ill fore years in a hospital in USA with severe lung infection caused by torture and inhuman beating from the Italian colonial soldiers in the town of Baidoa in 1950.


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