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Military tensions between Puntland and Somaliland

Hussein Omar

Hussein Omar

Puntland, northeastern state of Somalia President Abdiwali Mohamed Ali Gaas unveiled Somaliland’s financial support for the Al-Qaida affiliated Al-shabab fighters in Gal-gala Mountains near Puntland’s port city of Bossaso.

Speaking at public conference said that Somaliland financially supports Al-shabab fighters who carry out deadly hit -and-run attacks in Gal-gala area following Somaliland President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamud Silanyo’s visit to Laas qorey which created military tensionds around border territories of the two administrations.

President Gaas stated that his government is aware of Somaliland’s role in Al-shabab fighters maneuvering at Gal-gala adding his government will disclose it to the world what he called “Somaliland’s support for the Al-Qaida linked Militants, Al-shabab”.

Al-shabab’s influx in Gal-gala Mountains in Puntland region appeared as the African Union troops led by Somalia national army mercilessly battled the militants in Soutern and central Somalia thus brought about the control of more than seven strategic towns to Somali Federal government supported by international community.

The defeated but still lingering Al-Qaida insurgents crossed into Puntland regions through Somaliland having the go-ahead of Somaliland authorities to start distracting Puntland security agencies huge presence in the bordering areas with Somaliland motivating Puntland deposit their attention on Galgala Mountains security threat of Al-shabab brainwashed redicals, alleges Puntland’s head.

Puntland and Somalind had been clashing since 2002 over territory disputes though the two administrations recently chosen to send representatives overseas on behalf of the two authorities to talk on the disputed areas with no physical attack.

Al-shabab branch in Gal-gala Mountains suspected of preparing the assassinations targeting senior government officials and clan elders in Puntland also instigate attacks on Puntland forces in Gal-gala area.

On Sunday, Somaliland deployed military forces with heavy armored vehicles in Armale area about 75 Km Baran, Sanaag’s centre.

Puntland also increased a military forces presence in Laas qorey with the motive of restricting any further visits of a delegation led by Somaliland President silaanyo cross into Puntland territories.

Puntland Information minister Abdiwali Indha Guran said Somiland’s martial movement can be grasped as Land seize and provocation which Puntland will aggressively react to.

As a response, Somaliland’s defense minister indicts Puntland to start military forces exercise in the bordering territories of the two administrations and they will also respond to military exercise.

On the other hand, United Nations envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay showed a concern on political tensions between Puntland and Somalind.

“To the north, I am also concerned by the military tensions between Puntland and Somaliland in the Sool and Sanaag regions. I call for maximum caution and avoidance of confrontation.” He said.

Nickolas Kay urged both parties to restrain opposing forces while emphasizing the need of security restoration in Somalia but not flipside into another decade of civil war.

Puntland showed concern on the increasing terrorist threats in the region while putting the security agencies on alert.


Hussein Omar Islaan

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5 Responses to Military tensions between Puntland and Somaliland

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  2. EX-Muslim

    March 26, 2014 at 7:57 am

    The tribal secessionists have done everything they possibly could in the last 20 years to dismember Somalia, to no avail.

    They don’t know that if Somalia is to break up, how, when, where or why, all depend on Somalia and will be imposed by any particular party. It’s for all Somali people to determine the territorial integrity and sovereignty of their country.

  3. Shirwac

    March 26, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    SNM remids me more of USC. Mooryaantii waxey quursadeen xeerkii Darod ka dheexay, isma aysa oran MJ ayaa siyaad barre garab istaagi doona,kkk,,,haduu caydiid ogaan lahaa ama faham sanaan lahaa xeerka Darod u yaal, wax badan wuu ogolaan lahaa ama ganban lahaa. Maanta dhibta Somaliland haysata waa fahan la’aan, allow yaa u sheega xaqiida iyo xaalka meesha uu marayo nacaskii fuqa weynaa ee siilaanyo.

  4. Mahad

    March 29, 2014 at 1:11 am

    Siyaasada barta. Puntland iyo Somaliland waxa ka dhexeeya xiriiro badan ma suurtagal in dagaal isku qaadan maxa yeelay horumarka gaareen baa dibdhacaya, dhaqaala farobadan baa ka lumaya, iyo arrimo kala jira. C.Weli/Gaas iyo Siiraanyo indaha shacabka baa iskaga leexinaayaan ayago oranaya waa la ina soo weerarey hayaay fiiriya cadowga. Mareykan laga bartey baqogelinta shacbkiisa alqiicada aan jirirn.

  5. Ali

    July 8, 2014 at 8:26 pm

    The article and the author are obvoiusly biased to Puntland. Write down what you can it wont help you. In matter fact, why dont write about the capture of Taleh, Hengalol, Holhol by SLA while Pirateland Darvish forces are protesting bcos of thier long-awaited wages. Allthough I like your black suite but your huge forhead and tiny body makes you look a bit retard.

    But never mind keep writting down your BS

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