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SOMALIA: Two Mogadishu governors sacked, Villa Somalia’s Chief of Staff named as Deputy Governor

raxanreebMogadishu (RBC) President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has sacked two deputy governors of the Benadir regional administration appointing his Chief of Staff as the new deputy governor of Benadir, RBC Radio reports.

Ali Iikar Gure and Warsame Mohamed Ahmed “Jodah”, the two deputies of former Governor of Benadir regional administration were fired in a presidential decree dated as March 10th seen by Raxanreeb Online.

Villa Somalia’s Chief of Staff Kamal Dahir Hassan known as “Kamal Gutale” was named as the new Deputy Governor of the Benadir regional administration.

The presidenrial decree also sacked the General Secretary of the Benadir regional administration Abdikafi Hassan.

The nomination of Mr Kamal Gutale came after serious clan-based efforts made by Kamal’s clansmen who have been pushing President Hassan Sheikh to fire Warsame Jodah and place Kamal Gutale his position.  Both Kamal and Warsame hail from the same clansmen.

According to sources in Villa Somalia, President Hassan has been repeatedly worrying the behavior and the incompetence of his chief of staff since president Hassan’s team failed to contain media coverage on the president’s heal situation when he was in visit to Turkey in February.

Following this, President Mohamud has lowered down the status of his Chief of Staff Mr Kamal Dahir Hassan “Kamal Gutale” who was given specif duties while a new Chief of Staff was named for Villa Somalia in February.

Analysts says the appointment of Kamal Gutale, as the new deputy governor of Benadir regional administration  was a clear sign showing how president Mohamud eagerly wanted to kick his former Chief of Staff out of the presidential compound.


RBC Radio

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