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SOMALIA: U.S donates military vehicles to newly trained Somali Commandos

MILITARI-GAADIID2Mogadishu (RBC) Somalia’s newly trained commandos today received 15 vehicles donated by the U.S State Department amid restructuring the horn of African country’s security forces, RBC Radio reports.

Gen Dahir Aden Elmi, the commander of Somalia Armed Forces officially took over the 15 vehicles and other military equipment dedicated to equip with the newly recruited and trained soldiers at the Jaseera Training Camp in Mogadishu.

“This is the first part of series of support from the U.S government and other international partners.” Gen Elmi said.

The newly trained soldiers will be the country’s first commando and will be transferred to former Air Forces Base in Ballidogle of Lower Shabelle.


“We are committed in bringing up effective forces in order we can regain our security. Thanks to our friends.” Gen Elmi added.

The U.S State of Department representative Mr Mike has noted that the U.S is committed and on the forefront in supporting Somalia’s security forces.

“Together we can make Somalia a secure place,” he said.  “this donation is meant to the Somalia Security Forces to demonstrate the service of the Somalia people by its security forces.”


RBC Radio

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