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The Common Approach Workshop third leg was held in Galkaio on the 8th and 9th March, 2014.


                                                                  Press Release.

The Common Approach Workshop third leg was held in Galkaio on the 8th and 9th March, 2014.

The Common Approach Workshop is a component of the action titled “Water infrastructure and management support in Puntland”. The project is being implemented in the four regions of Puntland namely: Bari, Karkaar, Nugaal and Mudug respectively.

The action has been financed by the European Commission under the Water and Health Infrastructure Programme for Somalia (WHIPS) and implemented by Terre Solidali.

The objective of the workshop was “Presenting and discussing complex issues, confronting opinions and possibly acquire valuable ideas and insights to elaborate a Common Approach for the management of water affairs at urban level in Puntland”

The Agenda of the two days workshop were: –

  1. Customers’ rights and role
  2. Water Tariffs
  3. Responsibilities of the PPP Company and the public sector (“the parties”)
  4. Service levels

The Action will also support sustainable and affordable access to service delivery by consumers (especially the vulnerable communities). PSAWEN will be supported to play its regulatory, performance monitoring and oversight role through the design of Policy Documents, training and by supporting the implementation of a ground water monitoring system.

Accessibility and management of water affairs at the urban level are vital to the development of any nation as well as the wellbeing of its population. In order for this action to be effective, strong emphasis will be placed to ensure it meets the acceptable standards.

The action has also established a website for the purpose of e-consultations where prospective visitors are invited to post their comments and opinions. The e-consultation forum can be visited through the following link: www.terresolidali-water.org.

For more information please contact:

Mr. Farah Mohamoud Haji,

Tel: 0907799151

E-mail: hajjifarah@hotmail.com

Terre Solidali Representative,

Garowe, Puntland.

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