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SOMALIA: The road still ahead is rough and difficult

The road still ahead is rough and difficult
Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamoud
April 04 2014


300x300xOpinion.jpg,Mic_.zoeGZQykG2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.zoeGZQykG2As the new president in Puntland Professor Gas was elected, he slowly and carefully is taking steps to make changes in the administration. He pledged in his past election campaign trail that he will introduce new and productive changes unless he had used the slogan “changes”, that is to say “Puntland needs change”.

Everyone in the society expects from the president to make tangible changes from top to bottom. But the question mark is; how these changes will take place. Is it the removal of the old guardians and then replace with new guardians or is it a change based on president’s vision and political charisma which he is taking in his heart and soul as professor and new politician from lecturing to federalism up to the end of regionalism?.

He struggled by all means to be a president for Puntland while he had reached the peak of Somali Federal prime minister during Sheikh Sharif’s term as president and successfully reached the target.

People’s feeling

It seems that the president knows very well how to absorb people’s minds and hearts in taking advantage from his past experience as lecturer and social worker apart from his brief moment as national prime minister in the federal system. He is prepared to meet, talk and answer to the various members of the society to discuss frankly with what they want and expect from his government. His late tour in Bari and Karkar regions, the president has exemplified that he can intermingle and persuade people by sharing the truth and reality exist on the ground.

Every group met with the president were mainly talking about different agendas based on clan interest and what-so-called in Puntland “Clan power sharing” which really is a sham to the development of territory and civic administration such Puntland aged 15 years.

It is not really a possible to bring together what the president wants as vision and mission in Puntland changes and what certain groups in the society sabotaged by political and clannish aspirations want to inject to the president in manipulating some of the weak points when it comes to clan based power sharing.

One of the meetings I presented which President Abduwali had chaired in Bosaso during his exploration visit in Bari region, he said and I quote “sometimes you cannot implement what you want instantly because of circumstances surrounding upon you but my ambition is to upgrade justice and equal resource sharing as far as I can”. The people are morally and ethically divided on the issue of national interests, and the president is full of hope and future promise.

Yes, nobody can deny that Puntland was built on the basis of political power sharing from its people inhabited what is known Puntland territory as de facto, but the president is expected as he is a young, well educated and fresh minded politician that should put priority the changes of justices, equal resource sharing, prosperity and development that he had pledged during the election campaign. They are unforgettable and unforgivable pledges.

Diaspora handpicking

Most of president’s newly appointed cabinet are Somali handpicked Diaspora individuals, while on the other side the home long stayed people in Puntland regions are showing some kind of restraint and friction how the president has gone too far to appoint every position till now declared members from Puntland Somali Diaspora.

Sometimes it can be justifiable that Diaspora are Puntland Nationals having a right to be part of territorial administration but that must not be understood that they are mere friends of the president who himself a Diaspora member, and those participated the long trail of his election campaign.

There can be a hidden and time fixed bomb blast which Puntland people can ignite at any time sooner or later if they feel threats of marginalizing the home- grown- educated societies in preferring by the president to appoint every influential position in the government his past acquaintances “Diaspora”.

It is imperative that the president should now establish and position a new anchor that he will use as a bridge to communicate with the very intelligent and mindful normal educated societies who day and night dream the opportunity of forgotten home grown members will one day come.

Muscles flexing

The past successive administrations which Puntland had passed through in the last fifteen years were mainly heading by military or war monger origins who ruled the territory fist and iron hand.

It is a normal in Puntland when one administration steps down from the power, that he takes ahead with all swords and arrows but fortunately this late one seems that he did not take all swords and arrows onetime, which are necessary the latter to flex his muscles when it becomes inevitable to make changes on certain issues, A change which president Abduwali has promised during his election trail.

President Abduwali must not forget that Puntland still is not as developed as states in USA where law and order is above on every person. Yet, he is roaming a land of ruin and total failure, but land of hope and restoration could be changed.

Enemy of destroyers are inside and outside of Puntland Territory. They will destroy you from economy, social movement, political ambition and the military. Vigilant groups within the government ranking are to be positioned in order to avoid what is known here in Puntland “worse or weaker” to brand you when you remain in power for several months.

Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamoud


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