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SOMALIA: Newly elected Galkayo mayor speaks his commitment

Guddoomiyaha cusub ee degmada Gaalkacyo, C/casiis Maxamed Guuled

New Galkayo Mayor, Abdiasis Mohamed Guled.

Galkayo (RBC) Abdiasis Mohamed Guled, the newly elected mayor of Galkayo town, in Somalia’s central region of Mudug has pledged more efforts to be done to bring changes needed by the local community in Galkayo, RBC Radio reports.

Addressing the town’s council shortly after his election, Mr Guled said he will be on the forefront of a large campaign to utilize the efforts and the energy of the community in order to bring a whole change for the Galkayo residents.

“What we want to reach is to restore the goodwill and the statues of this town” the new mayor of Galkayo added.

Friday’s election came following the selection of the town’s City Council last week ending more than two years the town has been lacking City Council.

Puntland President Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Gas has attended the election of the new Galkayo Mayor.


RBC Radio

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