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SOMALIA: State minister receives two Arab Ambassadors in Mogadishu

4Mogadishu (RBC) The State Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Federal Government of Somalia Bur’i Mohamed Hamza has on Tuesday received two Arab Ambassadors in Mogadishu, RBC Radio reports.

The State Minister welcomed and had discussions with Arab League Ambassador to Somalia Mohamed Abdalla Idiris and the Yemeni Ambassador to Somalia Fu’ad Mohamed Al Zorqah in the Foreign Affairs Ministry Compound in Mogadishu.

The State Minister and the Yemeni Ambassador discussed numerous issues including the launching of a new direct Mogadishu-San’a flight which becomes the first since early 1991 following the collapse of Somalia’s late central government.

Ambassador Al Zorqah praised that himself traveled thought the Al Saeda Airlines in his route from San’a to Mogadishu.

The Yeeni Ambassador presented a letter from the Yemeni Foreign Minister Abubaker Al Qirbi to the State Minister of Foreign Affairs of Somalia relating the plight of the Somali refugees in Yemen.

Meanwhile, the meeting with Ambassador Mohamed Abdalla of the Arab League focused on the Arab League Members States’ recent move to conduct a fundraising for Somalia’s recovery.

The UAE, Qatar and Kingdom o Saudi Arabia responded a pledge by the Arab League Secretary General which calls great backing to Somalia’s rebuilding.


RBC Radio


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