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SOMALIA: Minister of Sea Resources says, Somalia’s territorial waters remain unchangeable

Mogadishu (RBC) The Minister of Fisheries and Sea Resources of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamud Olow Barrow has rebuffed media reports and public speculations on the possibility that the current government will endanger the country’s sea resources.

“It is total fabricated false reports that the president of Somalia is on the course to sell Somalia’s sea resources,” the minister said in a press conference.  “There is nothing to be sold,” he added.

Mr Barrow defended a recent signed letter by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud to the United Nations in which he proclaimed the exclusive economic zone of Somalia in relation to the Somali Maritime Law of 1988 passed by the Somali parliament.

In this letter dated June 30th 2014, President Mohamud stipulated that Somalia has its “Sovereign rights for the purpose of exploring and exploiting, conserving and managing the natural resources, whether living or non-living, of the seabed and subsoil and the superjacent waters, and with regard to other activities for the economic exploration and exploitation of the zone, such as the production of energy from water, currents and winds.”

But Minister Olow said the public got confusion and misinterpretation about President Mohamud’s letter.

“Somalia is not newly born nation, we have been a sovereign state since 1960, so there is no any intention to worry about selling our seas or redefining our borders,” he added.


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