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SOMALIA: Sacked NISA head sworn into Member of Parliament

Mogadishu (RBC) Former head of Somalia’s National Intelligence and Security Agency General Bashir Mohamed known as “Bashir Goobe” has been sworn into parliamentary member on Tuesday.

General Bashir Goobe has served as the country’s head of NISA in the past eight months before he was later sacked on earlier this month following repeated deadly attacks on the State House of Villa Somalia and the parliament by the militants of Al Shabab group.

General Bashir Goobe has also become member of the parliament in August 2012 as it was formed changing his former post as the Director General of the Ministry of Interior and National Security, but he has left the parliament after he was appointed to the head of NISA as an attempt to secure the war-torn nation from extremists linked to Al Qaeda.

On Tuesday soon before the parliament’s 4th session was wrapped up in an event attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the returned MP General Bashir Goobe was worn in.

The Speaker of the parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari informed fellow MPs that General Bashir Goobe will continue to serve for the country through his seat as a Member of the Parliament.

One fellow MP told RBC Radio that the seat of General Bashir Goobe has never been filled since his appointment as the commander of NISA due to clan-based power sharing within the key government and parliament positions and that is what made General Bashir Goobe simple to retake his position again as an MP.


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