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SOMALIA: Somali Chess federation launches new look website

Mogadishu (RBC) Somali Chess Federation which is one of the very few national federations in Somalia who have their own websites has now redesigned its website which has a great importance for the marketing of the federation’s activities.

“The website carries the image of Somali Chess Federation and that is why we have come to decision to renovate it—this is part of more other steps which we intend to make changes of development in all departments of our federation” said Somali Chess Federation President and Somali Olympic committee senior vice president Ahmed Abdi Hassan (Wataac).

The website which was previously visited as www.somchess.com has now been redesigned and changed intowww.somchess.net.

“We are giving more priority to the enlargement of our media department which is doing an enormous work as they make our activities appear in the news headlines in the country and as well as in the outside world” the president said adding that local Somali websites and radio stations were very praise worthy for working with the federation.

The Somali Chess Website similarly publishes all stories relating to the development of different sport in the country including the activities by the Somali Olympics and its member associations.


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