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SOMALIA: Journalists conclude three days training on Press Freedom and Ethics of Media in Mogadishu

vikes_nusoj_trainingMogadishu (RBC) About 80 Somali journalists have concluded three-day training on press freedom and the Ethics of the media in which the journalists discussed various issues concerning the work of the media in the country.

The three-day training funded by the Finish Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the VIKES Foundation for Media Development in partnership with the National Union of Somali Journalists [NUSOJ] focused on the current day-to-day activities of Somalia media inline with the ethics of the media.

Abdiwali Hassan Hashi, senior TV journalist working in Finland who is also VIKES program coordinator said the training was part of series of trainings for Somali media which its main objective is to build the capacity of Somalia journalists and empower the work of the free media towards the country’s peace and stability.

“Our main goal is to stand side-by-side with our colleagues and brothers in Somalia. Infact Somalia media have shown great job in the past years and that is what made me feel happy that I am here not only to train Somali journalists but also to learn from them” Mr Hashi added.

The participants of the training who were from both independent media houses and the state-owned media have repeatedly mentioned during the discussions that capacity building training no only strengthen the professionalism of the journalists but also will help the transformation of Somalia’s media practitioners which nearly 90% are young people raised in lawless land.


“I thank VIKES and our friends from Finland for crossing thousands of miles to educate us. I would be also grateful if such trainings persist so that whole Somali journalists can have such opportunity.” said Abdiasis Abdullahi, a young journalist from Radio Banadir, a renowned independent radio station in Mogadishu.

Topics like ethics of media and fair reporting have become interestingly new to the many of the participants of this training.

“To me I gained completely new issues which I need now to apply to my work.” Hawa Isse, 21 years-old female journalist from radio Danan said. “I see very essential to thank NUSOJ and VIKES for this training and everyone who contributed this to be done including the taxpayers of Finland.” she added.

NUSOJ Secretary General, Mohamed Ibrahim advised the trained journalists to submit the experiences they have git from the training sessions to the other colleagues who have not been able to attend trainings like this.

On the last day of he training, Minister of Information Mustaf Dhuhulow commended Somali media for their sacrifice during nearly one quarter  of anarchy ad lawlessness in Somalia as he also encouraged the free press to help the country’s peace and democracy.


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