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SOMALIA: Military Court sentences three soldiers to death penalty for armed robbery

raxanreebMogadishu (RBC) Somalia’s Military Court on Sunday sentenced three soldiers of the Armed Forces to death penalty after prosecuting them on armed robbery against civilian vehicles between Mogadishu and Afgoyoe weeks ago.

The court’s verdict came after the military tribunal finalized investigations through the alleged armed robbery which the three soldiers involved.

“After finding testimonials of the victims with the defendants’ written and verbal admitted to have committed the armed robbery against two civilian passenger buses between Mogadishu and Afgooye, the court ruled the death penalty,” the Military Court Judge said.

The Court also ruled that the convicted soldiers can still have their appeals to the Supreme Military Court within 30 days before their death sentence is executed as a final decision.

The military court spokesman Colonel Abdullahi Muse Keyse said the court freed a fourth soldiers after finding no guilty on the alleged crime.

Armed robberies, gang rape and and killings are among the highest crime acts in Somalia which most of them are carried out by armed soldiers and some of them to have rlated to the government forces.

Last Month, Somali Military Court warned that any armed soldier found on robbery or rape will be executed in a bid to restore the peace and stability of many regions in the country’s south and central regions.


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