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Scientist-turned-yogurt entrepreneur sees big growth for Ziwa brand

ZiwaSeveral years ago, Mohamed Ismail, a medicinal chemist, worked as a research scientist at Paratek Pharmaceuticals, living a comfortable life on a $100,000-plus salary in a Boston suburb with his wife and children.

Ismail, 54, a modest man who laughs easily, was a Fulbright Scholar from Somalia in 1987, before civil war broke out in that East African country. Ismail earned a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Massachusetts and focused on combating drug-resistant bacteria.

Today, he is an Eden Prairie-based yogurt entrepreneur, in his fourth year developing and building
the Ziwa brand of drinkable, nutritious yogurts.

And it has been a struggle at times.

“My wife, Asha, thinks I’m a lunatic,” conceded Ismail, who has often gone without a paycheck. “I have an unlimited vision but limited resources. It has been challenging. But I am an entrepreneur and hanging in there. I want to realize my American dream.”

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2 Responses to Scientist-turned-yogurt entrepreneur sees big growth for Ziwa brand

  1. Masulsare

    July 8, 2016 at 6:13 am

    Masha allaah ilaah hakuu siyaadiyo ganacsiga oo ha kuu barakeeyo kuna dadaal sakada ood ka bixiso iyo sadaqada oo joogta ka dhigto weey badiyaan xoolaha ee ma yareeyaan. Dadaalka halkaa kasiiwad ((masulsare ))

  2. oday

    July 20, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Shaqada aad maaha kaliya inaad naftaada u shaqeysaneyso balse Somaali qeymo intaas ka sarayeed ugu fadhidaa oo inaad tahay safiir Somaali oo dhan matala.
    Aduun iyo aakhiraba Allaha ku guuleeyo adiga iyo inta sidaada oo kale u fakiraya.

    Former Somali secret services.
    Colonel Abdulksdir Oday.

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