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KENYA: Mombasa police detain three terror suspects

NAIROBI (RBC Radio)  Kenyan police have detained three Kenyan suspected to have been planning terror attacks in Nairobi in the upcoming Eid Festival due to mark the end of the Holy Month of Ramadan next week.

Police detectives said the three men; Yahya Salim Bakari, Jirius Mwanzi and Abdalla Ramadan, were arrested following intelligence report on their movement.

They were caught during police raid on a house in Kikambala neighborhood in the coastal town on Sunday.

Initial report said the three men fled from Nairobi, where the security forces were monitoring their activities.

They are currently held by the Anti-terror police unit of Kenya for interrogation, the detectives said.

Security forces in Kenya have been on alert in the past months following IED explosion attacks that killed dozens in parts of the Northeastern region bordering Somalia.

The Kenyan security officials on Sunday appealed to the public asking to cooperate with the security forces and report suspicious activities in the regions to tackle influx of the militia group sneaking into Kenya from the porous border with Somalia.


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