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SOMALIA: President Farmajo says his government is open for talks with Al-Shabab

                                                FILE PHOTO: President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

MOGADISHU (RBC Radio) President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo has called direct talks with the Al-qaeda-affiliated militant group Al-Shabab as he only conditioned if they refrain from Al-qaeda network.

President Farmajo was speaking at the National Consultative Conference on Reconciliation concluded in Mogadishu under the auspices of the Interior and Federal Affairs Minister on Saturday.

“In the past days, have been talking about reconciliation, but I also wish to call this group Al-Shabab which killed last night our children at a restaurant during the Iftar [breaking of fast]; that is not caring about women, elderly people and children. We have sent them calls and again we are sending them, please come, put the arms and let us talk.” He said.

Mr. Farmajo openly said that his government came to power with the help of the support of the people, and that any group that fights the government is against the will of the people.

“If you want fight the government. This is a government came from the people. But let us talk,” He called again. “Do not kill innocents and do not destroy property. We are still calling you to come and let us talk.”

President Farmajo said his government is open to negotiate with Al-Shabab, if the group refrains itself from Al-qaeda, which is foreign terrorist group.

He said he fully acknowledges the people’s thirstiness for peace and life and end of the prolonged conflict in the country.

The call for talks with Al-Shabab is not yet, as it was the call of every president.

The militant group which continuous to carry deadly attacks in the country boycotted calls for talks as long as the African Union Forces presence in the country.

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