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KENYA: Five Kenyan soldiers killed in an attack by Al-Shabab militants

NAIROBI (RBC Radio) Five Kenyan soldiers reportedly killed after Al-Shabab militant fighters attacked a convoy of Kenyan soldiers traveling between Mpeketoni and Lamu.

Local media in Kenya reported the attack, but said three were killed during the attack.

During the Thursday attack, three people were killed and several were injured including Public Works Principal Secretary Mariam El Maawy, the Daily Nation newspaper reported.

Ms Maawy was shot in the shoulder and legs after the vehicle she was travelling in was hijacked before she was rescued by military personnel.

Ms Maawy’s kin, a 21-year-old pilot trainee who was traveling with her went missing, according to the family members cited by the local media.

Al-Shabab affiliated radio said the militant fighters ambushed the convoy consisting of officials and police soldiers killing five soldiers and burning at least one vehicle.



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