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SOMALIA: Federal cabinet holds weekly meeting in Kismayo

   PM Khaire gestures as residents welcome him at the arrival at Kismayo airport.

KISMAYO (RBC Radio) Somalia’s Federal Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday started to convene their weekly meeting in the southern port town of Kismayo.

This is the first time the Mogadishu-based Federal Cabinet meet outside Mogadishu since 2007, when the Federal Government was based in Jowhar and later in Baidoa.

On Wednesday Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire spearheaded his cabinet members to Kismayo in two flights from Mogadishu to prepare for the Thursday’s weekly cabinet gathering.

According to Raxanreeb reporter, the weekly cabinet gathering is focusing several main agendas including discussion on the country’s security situation and fast tracking government services delivery to the citizens.

Shortly before the Thursday cabinet meeting, Premier Khaire visited the seaport where he inspected the function of the harbor currently managed by the Jubbaland administration.

The Prime Minister promised a renovation work to be done at the main harbor built in 1964.


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