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SOMALIA: Security forces conduct search operation in Garowe

GAROWE (RBC Radio) Security forces in Garowe, the administrative capital of Puntland have started search operation targeting both vehicles and pedestrians in Garowe during in the overnight .

According to the Governor  of Nugal province Omar Abdullahi, the operation is aimed at reducing number of criminal activities and tackle possible terrorist groups skeaking into the capital of Puntland.

“During the nightly operation, the security forces nabbed a murderer who slaughtered a pregnant woman in Galkayo and fled to Garowe.” he said. “That criminal shall face the law.”

Mr. Abdullahi said the security forces will maintain the operation in which civilian vehicles and individuals using the main streets are searched.

“The security forces are on alert and every criminal activity shall be dealt with.” the Governor of Nugal added.




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